Motivational Speaking

Chris is becoming well known as a motivational speaker, and is available to present will present one of his motivational speaking presentations – designed to entertain, educate and encourage the audience in areas of fitness.

Designed to help audience members who want to up fitness levels, lower fatness levels, a bit of both, or just gain some level of fitness enthusiasm and motivation.

Chris was a fantastic motivational speaker, his enthusiasm and expert knowledge on lifestyle changes through diet and exercise was superb. 

Our team also enjoyed informal chats with Chris and took away some really useful, life-changing suggestions.  

We would welcome Chris back in the future to carry on discussions with our team.

Carol Kelly, Heathrow Airside and Landside Delivery Team, following the Fit Happens presentation in June 2017.

There are two presentations available:

1. The ‘Fit Happens’ presentation for you – after a brief introduction to me I explain and demonstrate the practices they advocate in movement, nutrition and lifestyle to help everyone get more years in their life, and more life in those years.  How to find time and motivation for fitness in a busy life?  And exactly where do I start and find the level of enthusiasm to continue?  These are the types of questions answered here.  This is the most popular presentation which Chris has given to audiences in the UK and USA.

2. ‘ABC7 Workout Structure and Nutrition’ – a more advanced presentation and seminar, where detailed discussion on workout structure and contents, and nutrition calculation is included. How to structure exercise over a week, based on Chris’s successful ABC7 System?  How many calories and what should they be comprised of?  And how about food timing, portion control, and macronutrient allocation?  These are questions covered in this session.

Although starting off as a standard presentation, each can be tailored to the unique requirements of each audience.  I want to hear any specific objectives you have for the presentation, and ensure those objectives are met.

IMG_9240Each presentation lasts between 40 to 50 minutes – plus time for questions of course.   The material is suitable for all age groups, and audiences from 5 persons to 500 or more, although 120 has been the maximum so far.

To discuss more, or to schedule a presentation, please contact