Motivational Speaking

Ever sat through a motivational speaking presentation, found it interesting, but didn’t feel you could apply it to your own life?  I have.  The ‘Fit Happens’ presentation aims to be different to that – enjoyable, interesting but also giving all attendees something valuable to take home with them.

Fit Happens GroupThe presentation was devised and is given by me, Chris Zaremba.  I am known in the fitness world for my regular magazine articles, TV and radio shows on fitness, my appearances in books, and the  ‘Fitness Over Fifty’ brand.   I have changed from being a heart-attack-waiting-to-happen at 50 into winning my age group at the UK Championships for Fitness Models just five years later – and a string of other awards.  In spite of 35 years of being massively unfit, I lost over a third of my bodyweight in fat and some added muscle in the process, eventually discovering I owned a six-pack in addition to those in my fridge!

The ‘Fit Happens’ presentation typically covers three areas:

  • How I changed over half-a- lifetime of bad habits to make my transformation
  • Unfit?  It really isn’t your fault – the harsh realities of easy modern life
  • The tricks to help you upgrade your own fitness, with minimum time commitment

Sports nutritionOn that last point, I made my fitness transformation while working a full-time job, so I am well aware how crunched most people’s time is these days.  In this part in the presentation, I cover how to get fitter in little time, zero time or indeed less than zero time!

People ask about age, especially as I am in the over-50 age range.  And its true that I am usually a little older than most who attend.   But a key point I make in the presentation is that age is irrelevant to the subject matter, and audiences of all ages find ‘Fit Happens’ interesting and relevant to them.

‘Fit Happens’ is designed to be enjoyable, but also thought-provoking and I always hope that those attending leave with good ideas about how adjust their own lives to increase their own fitness levels.  By the way, I’m not proposing any specific items for sale during the event or afterwards – this isn’t a ‘sales pitch’ presentation.

Fit Happens - Chris in mid-sentence!I present this to groups from 5 to 500 – and the audience can be any group from charities to large corporates – any groups in fact that are interested in learning a little more about fitness, perhaps achieving the benefits from fitness that I have.  Based in London/SE England, I can travel anywhere by arrangement.

Finally, I am available in the weeks following the event for free email/Skype chats with anyone who attends ‘Fit Happens’ and wants a more individually-focused discussion on their fitness approach.

Contact me on for more.