The Fit Happens Plan

fit-happens-logo-version-2Fit Happens is the name of the TV series I’ve made on fitness – which can be seen with links from the video pages of this site.

Its also the name of a fitness lifestyle plan I’ve created for you to follow at home covering both nutrition and exercise.

On the nutrition side, all aspects are covered – what, how much and when to eat – all determined by your current body type and goals.  Plus, of course, taking into account your own food and drink preferences.

On the exercise front, the Fit Happens plan is designed for around 3 gym visits a week for resistance training, and 3 cardio sessions – although these numbers are variable.

Breakfast pic 2I try to keep realism involved by ensuring that the nutrition advice is real-world compatible, as well as fitness-perfect compatible.  I know you have more to do than think of fitness, and even though you’ve made that magic decision to make fitness a key point of your life from now on, the Plan is flexible enough to cope with your real life and activities.

It wouldn’t work if it tried to make fitness the number 1 priority everyday, in everything.  It is designed, instead, to make you want to stick with the plan – to help move you into a fitness fan where you are looking forward to  the next step.

Biceps - Standing Barbell CurlThe plan comes complete with spreadsheets to record your progress and track workouts, plus videos and photos of all exercises mentioned, together with easy nutrition videos.  Everything you need in fact!

The one-time fee of £49 covers everything, including email support to ensure you can follow the plan and derive maximum benefit from it.

To order, just send me an email at