1. Introduction to Fitness Over Fifty

I’ve put an introduction to Fitness Over Fifty and my own fitness progress over the past few years in this short introduction video.

This gives a good background as to my pre-fitness days, how I got to where I am now with the help of my coach Rob Riches, and what I’m seeking to achieve in both myself and others – and how I can help.

 2. Contest videos

Shirt seems to have fallen offWith a great deal of nerves, and not at all sure I was doing something sensible, I entered my first ever contest in April 2012.  It was the British Championships  organised by Miami Pro.  I entered both Fitness Model and Muscle Model classes in the over 50’s age group (of course!).

This was my first ever contest, find out how I got on by viewing the contest video.

Since that first one, I’ve now been in 10 contests, the most recent being in September 2017 in Muscle Beach, California.  See the highlights of that one here.

3. TV Documentary

Snapshot - 101A TV documentary about my fitness journey, both my own progress and now how I’m working with clients, was made for the Community Channel.  It has been shown on satellite and cable globally and on BBC i-player.

Called ‘Fat to Fit at Fifty’, it features contributions from people who have been instrumental in my fitness progress – including my coach Rob Riches, my personal trainer Russell Lee, photographer Simon Howard, magazine editors John Shepherd and Andreas Michael, my training partner Alex Hughes, some of my clients – oh yes, and Jenny, my wife!  And you can also see how I got in the Miami Pro World Fitness Model Championships.

It’s now on YouTube, in four parts, totalling 46 minutes. See it by clicking part one, part two, part three and part four.

 4. Exercise Videos

Snapshot - 201I have recorded exercise videos to illustrate many of the exercises that I do in my workout programme and that I suggest for others.

These are all taken from my  ABC7 Workout System, and show some of my favourite exercises for each bodypart.  Here are some of my favourites: There are many more – look at the individual bodypart workouts on the Workouts tabs above, and also the Six of the Best workouts.


Barbell Upright Row
Close-grip Pull-up
Dumbbell Rotating Shrug
Lat Pulldown
Low Cable Row
Machine Lumbar Extension


Pec Fly Machine Mid-Grip
Wide Cable Fly
Decline Barbell Press
Flat Bench Barbell Press
Flat Bench Dumbbell Fly
Single Arm Cable Press
Smith Machine Incline Press
Standing High Cable Fly


Shoulder Press Machine
Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise with Bent Arms
Front Cable Raise
Standing Lateral Dumbbell Raise with Straight Arms
Lying Dumbbell Lateral Rotation
Rear Delt Fly Machine
Reverse Cable Crossover
Standing Barbell Press


Bicep Curl Machine
Concentration Curl
Cross-body Hammer Curl
High-pulley Cable
Short-bar Cable Curl
Standing Barbell Curl


Barbell Lying Extension
Cable Crossdown
Dumbbell Overhead Extension
Road Drills
Rope Pushdown
Tricep Dip Machine

Upper Abs

Decline Bench Sit-up
Dumbbell-assisted Sit-up
Floor Crunch
High Cable Pull-down
Legs-supported Forward Crunch
Seated Ab Machine

Lower Abs

Behind Legs Swiss Ball Lift
Bench Knees Up
Forward Legs Swiss Roll
Frogs Legs
Incline Legs Raise
Supported Straight Leg Lift


Bicycle Crunch
Decline Twisting Crunch
Dumbbell Side Bends
Horizontal Cable Rotation
Rotating Knee Lift
Swiss Ball Rotating Crunch


Back Squat
Fixed-seat Leg Press
Leg Extension Machine
Smith Machine Squat
Variable-seat Leg Press


Barbell Stiff-Leg Deadlift
Leg Press Machine
Lying Hamstring Curl
Seated Hamstring Curl
Single-leg Bench Hips Raise
Swiss Ball Hips Raise


Calf on Leg Extension Machine
Calf on Leg Press Machine
Seated Calf Machine
Seated Dumbbell Calf Raise
Standing Calf Raise Machine
Toe Taps and Heel Raises