Lower Abs - Incline Legs RaiseI do my Abs Workout (ideally) five times per week, Mon-Fri, straight after my HIIT or MISS cardio. Its a short workout, taking no more than 5-10 minutes, so I can perform it every day.

Exercises begin with M – that’s M for Mid-section – sorry, A had already been allocated to Arms!

The main part of the workout consists of 3 exercises.  This is:

One exercise for upper abs at a single set of 30 reps,
One exercise for lower abs, again, a single 30 rep-sets, then
One exercise each side for obliques – the side abs – with 20 reps each side.

That’s a total of 100 reps for abs in a total of 3 sets:
30 + 30 + (2×20)= 100

Because of this calculation, I usually call my abs workout ‘The Abs:100’.

Having done these 100, I then finish off with a final four minutes for Core Stability: two minutes of front plank type exercise, then one minute of a side plank exercise for each side.

Overall timing of the Abs:100 is about 10 minutes – each of the sets takes about 1.5 to 2min, and adding in the 4 minutes for planks and some resting/moving time takes it to 10 minutes.

The rep numbers – 30 for upper and lower, 20 for each side – are targets and are to be done non-stop within each set, thereby maximising the time under tension (abs love time under tension!).

Upper abs exercises (30 reps target) – any one from:

Incline Bench Forwards Sit-up (M11)
Legs-supported Forward Crunch (M12)
Abs Machine (M13)
High Cable Pulldown (M14)
Dumbbell Forward Sit-up (M15)
Dumbbell Overhead V-Crunch (M16)
Swiss Ball Forward Crunch (M17)
Floor Crunch (M18)

Lower abs exercises (30 reps target) – any one from:

Decline Bench Leg Raise (M21)
Seated Leg Lift (M22)
Supported Knee Lift (M23)
Supported Straight Leg Lift (M24)
Behind Legs Swiss Ball Lift (M25)
Side Grip Ball Pass (M26)
Forward Legs Swiss Roll (M27)
Frog Legs Pulls (M28)

Obliques exercises (20 reps per side target) – any one from:

Incline Bench Twisting Sit-up (M31)
Dumbbell Side Bends (M32)
Rotating Knee Lift (M33)
Kneeling Twisting Machine (M34)
Twisting Legs Swiss Roll (M35)
Swiss Ball Sideways Rotating Crunch (M36)
Broomstick Side Twist (M37)
Bicycle Crunch (M38)

Front core exercises (two minutes) – choose one of:

Floor Plank (M41)
Alternating Plank Kickbacks (M42)
Swiss Ball Bridge (M43)
Swiss Ball Rolling Bridge (M44)

Side core exercises (one minute each side) – choose one of:

Side Plank (M51)
Side Plank with Leg Lift (M52)

Then finish with 10 minutes stretching, making each morning 40-60 minutes in the gym – 20-40 minutes cardio, 10 minutes abs, then 10 minutes stretching.