Daily gym bodypart split

These pages describe the main resistance training workouts I both undertake myself and recommend to others.  They are very much based on my ABC7 Workout System, which is available to purchase from here. It comes complete with photo and video examples of all the recommended exercises, as well as full instructions and spreadsheets for recording your progress.

I do one of each of these workouts per day in the afternoon or evening.  There are five workouts, so its one per day Monday-Friday.  If I miss a day in the week for any reason, then I overflow into Saturday.  And if I miss two, then I overflow into Sunday too.

A – Arms

B – Back

C – Chest

D – Delts (shoulders)

E – Elevators (legs)

These workouts are afternoons or evenings because the morning workout is cardio with abs and stretching, as described on the relevant tabs.