Biceps - Standing Barbell CurlEach time I do my Arms workout, I do one exercise from each of the 7 groups below. I cycle around each group, so that if I did exercise A11 as the exercise from the first group last time I trained Arms, next time I’ll do A12.  That’s not vital, if the equipment isn’t available then I’ll do A11 or A13 – just making sure I do one of the A1 group.

Exercises beginning A1, A2, A3 and A7 are primarily for triceps; exercises beginning A4, A5 are mainly for biceps, and A6 mainly for forearms.

I do 3 sets of each exercise I am doing. Each set is done to 10 reps or failure if before. If 10 reps are achieved, the weight goes up for next set. If 10 reps are achieved on all three sets of an exercise, then next time I do that exercise, the middle weight from last time becomes the starting weight. If 10 reps are not achieved, then the weight remains the same and I push extra hard to get an extra rep.

Cable Centre Parting (A11)
Barbell Lying Extension (A12)
Dumbbell Overhead Extension (A13)

Short Bar Pushdown (A21)
Rope Pushdown (A22)
Road Drills (A23)

Seated Tricep Dip Machine (A31)
Cable Reverse Grip Pulldown (A32)
Cable Crossdown (A33)

Dumbbell Seated Alternate Curl (A41)
Cross-body Hammer Curl (A42)
– another location, additional angles (A42A)
Standing Barbell Curl (A43)
Concentration Curl (A44)
– compilation of multiple styles (A44A)
Barbell Preacher Curl (A45) 
– using EZ bar (A45A)
– with steeper angle pad (A45B)

Bicep Curl Machine (A51)
Short Bar Cable Curl (A52)
Standing High Cable Curl (A53)
– another location, additional angles (A53A)

Dumbbell Wrist Curl (A61)
Dumbbell Reverse Wrist Curl (A62)
Low Cable Reverse Curl (A63)

Tricep Dips (A71)

The final exercise (A71) is done at the end of the workout every time as a single set to one rep more than last time, up to a maximum of 30 reps.  If that gets easy, find a way of carrying a weight with you (dipping belt or shorts pockets!) to make it more difficult – but continue to progress.