Elevators (legs)

Quads - Fixed-Seat Leg PressThere’s a little marketing gene in me that likes ABCDE as a sequence, so Legs are also known as Elevators in my systems.  Happy with that?  Hope so!  But the exercises starts with L.

Each time I do my Legs workout, I do one exercise from each of the 7 groups below. I cycle around each group, so that if I did exercise L11 as the exercise from the first group last time I trained Legs, next time I’ll do L12. That’s not vital, if the equipment isn’t available then I’ll do L11 or L13 – just making sure I do one of the L1 group.

Many upper leg exercises require involvement both of quads (front of thigh) and hamstring (rear of thigh) muscles, so I group these together.  Groups L1 to L4 are upper leg exercises, and L5 to L7 for the lower leg (calf).

I do 3 sets of each exercise I am doing. Each set is done to 10 reps or failure if before. If 10 reps are achieved, the weight goes up for next set. If 10 reps are achieved on all three sets of an exercise, then next time I do that exercise, the middle weight from last time becomes the starting weight. If 10 reps are not achieved, then the weight remains the same and I push extra hard to get an extra rep.

Leg Extension Machine (L11)
Dumbbell Returning Lunge (L12)
Dumbbell Walking Lunge (L13)

Seated Hamstring Curl (L21)
Lying Hamstring Curl (L22)
Barbell Stiff Leg Deadlift (L23)
Single-leg Bench Hips Raise (L24)
Swiss Ball Hips Raise (L25)
Hamstrings on Leg Press Machine (L26)

Cradle Leg Press Machine (L31)
Sled Leg Press Machine (L32)
Seat-move Leg Press Machine (L33)

Back Squat (L41)
Smith Machine Squat (L42)
Sumo Squats (L43)

Calf on Leg Press Machine (L51)
Standing Calf Dumbbell Raise (L52)
Rotary Calf Machine (L53)
Standing Calf Raise Machine (L54)

Seated Calf Raise Machine (L61)
Seated Calf Dumbbells Raise (L62)
Calf on Leg Extension Machine (L63)

Toe Taps + Heel Raises (L71)

The final exercise (L71) is done at the end of the workout every time as a single set of Toe Taps then a single set of Heel Raises with a maximum of 200 reps for each.  Don’t worry, they are very quick!