Happy New Half-Year!

It’s the start of a new month – indeed the commencement of the second half of 2014 – so if you’ve ever thinking of increasing your fitness levels and decreasing the fatness levels, then now is a great time to get started.

And if you haven’t the time or the inclination to become a runner, cyclist, swimmer or gym-bunny – then how about just incorporating a couple of simple strategies into your daily life?

1. Eat less, but better – cut down on calories overall, sugars and saturated fats in particular.

2. Move a bit more, walk rather than drive for short trips, take the stairs more than the lift, and if you’re walking – do it quickly.

Just implementing those two ideas will make a difference – not immediately, but over time.

For example, assuming you’re a constant weight, cutting around 250 calories a day of food high in sugars and/or saturated fat – such as a couple of slices of bread and jam or a chocolate bar – and also moving more each day to the extent of another 250 calories worth (such as a half hour brisk walk) – will together lead to a loss of around a pound a week. That doesn’t sound much, but add a dollop of consistency and it makes over 3 stone in a year.

Of course, there’s some mega simplifications and generalisations in that example, but if you worry about that, you may never get started – so don’t complicate it.

So, adopt those strategies, see the pounds come off (gradually!) while you have a happy new half-year!