Grow your own good stuff

Nutrition should be a key part of your fitness regime. Growing your own vegetables is a great way to enjoy fresh food and keep costs down.
If you are struggling to decide on what to grow, here are my top picks:

Ever wondered why Popeye’s go-to food was always spinach? Although just a cartoon, there’s reason behind this concept — spinach helps to build bones, after all. On top of this, the leafy green works to nourish the eyes, boosts the body’s digestive system and offers relief against dry and itchy skin.

Broad beans
An excellent source of both fibre and protein, broad beans are a brilliant choice if one of your main fitness goals is to lose weight. The vegetable is rich in vitamin B and folate, providing the body with energy and enhancing its nerve and blood cell development, as well as cognitive function.

Your cardiovascular health can be substantially improved by adding courgettes to your diet. This is because they are high in nutrients like potassium and magnesium, both of which work to normalise your blood pressure. The vitamin C found in courgettes will work to prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol in your blood too.

There is some truth in the urban legend that carrots help you see in the dark. This is because the vegetable is rich in beta-carotene, which converts first into vitamin A in the liver and then rhodopsin in the retina — the latter is a purple pigment that is vital for night vision. Vitamin A also aids the liver by reducing the amount of fat and bile that builds up there.

If you’re looking for further ideas, or want to buy high quality vegetables to grow at home (even if you don’t have a garden), checkout the web site of my friends at Stacks of Flavour –