My new book – just published!

My new book ‘Fat to Fit at Fifty’ (by Chris Zaremba) is now available!

The book is 340 pages, and is really two books in one.  The first part describes my fitness story – why and how I went from being obese and a heart attack waiting-to-happen at age 50, to winning fitness model contests at age 54. It goes on to say how gaining fitness has enabled me to start a new career at 55, and how my life has been improved by being fit rather than fat.

The second part describes how you could make a similar type of transformation.  Every tip, tactic and strategy that I used to change my own shape is there for you.  The three-stage ‘Fat to Fit at Fifty’ approach to life system is included, which will help you drop your fatness levels, increase your fitness levels – and enjoy doing it, too. I have a phrase I use (a lot) that says getting fit and losing fat over fifty will add years to your life, and life to your years – and this book will enable you to do just that!

Currently available as a paperback on Amazon, click here for UK or here for USA. In other countries, search on my name on Amazon.