For Christmas or New Year?

Do you have someone in your life that is over fifty, and is either overweight or under-fit (or both)?  And that person could be you, of course.

I suggest you buy them (or buy for yourself, if it is indeed you) a copy of my new book ‘Fat to Fit at Fifty’.  It describes my own journey from being obese at 50 to being fitter than I have ever been by the age of 60.  As well as my own change, the book gives full details via a multi-stage plan so that you can do the same, and find a new you that it is just waiting to be discovered.

It’s not too late to start, and a good start is reading my book.  New Year?  New You!

You can order the book at most bookshops or its available on Amazon – just search for ‘Chris Zaremba’.  If you get it – for yourself or someone else – and it helps achieve those fitness goals, then let me know – I may feature the story in a future edition!