Resolutions, goal setting and achievement of those goals

Creating goals for yourself, and finding ways to achieve them despite some setbacks, is a fundamental step in fitness success.

In the most recent episode of my ‘Fit Happens’ podcast, inspirational coach Matt Lovett discusses this vital topic with me – and Matt’s detailed thoughts, ideas and approach, can help you progress faster than you thought possible.

This podcast was recorded in January, so there are additional references to New Year Resolutions – which, as you’ll find, are of value whatever month it is.

This was originally broadcast live on MarlowFM during my Good Morning Marlow show, with thanks to the station for permission to use this material in a podcast to reach a wider audience.

Hear it wherever you get your podcasts from – search for ‘The Fit Happens Podcast’ – Episode 22 – or alternatively listen on YouTube by clicking here.