Current Nutrition Plan

First stop post eventMy target is 2500 calories per day, with 40% of the calories coming from protein. This means consuming 250g of protein per day, and it requires some planning for me to get that much protein in that number of calories. Talking about planning for macronutrients, I know I should also be keeping track of carbohydrates – but I have devised a short cut for this: if I meet the calorie and protein targets, and avoid the sugars and saturated fat foods that don’t come with protein, then I believe the carbs will look after themselves.  And I leave space for a beer too!

Like many people, I suspect, I am nowhere near good enough to maintain an accurate record of calories or protein, as often I end up estimating both numbers. So, since it isn’t 100% accurate anyway, I decided to reshape the targets into daily acceptable ranges – any day where my estimate of calories is between 2300 and 2700, and that of protein between 230g and 270g, I count as a good day. And if I get five good days in a week, then that is a good week.

I try to eat 7 times per day as follows (numbers shown below as (x/x) means calories/grams of protein rounded to nearest 100/10):

Here is an ideal day:

Breakfast – after the morning workout.  Usually a ‘Power breakfast’ of oats, hot water, nuts, berries, cinnamon and whey protein powder (500/40)

Morning Snack – Scrambled egg on wholemeal toast, protein bar, tin tuna on ryvita or jerky + fruit (250/30)

Lunch – Meat or fish, unlimited salad or green veg, carbs such as yam, wholemeal rice or quinoa (500/40)

Afternoon Snack – As morning (250/30)

Post Workout – Whey protein shake from True Performance Nutrition plus fruit (250/40)

Dinner – As lunch but without the carbs but sometimes with that pint of beer or glass of wine instead (500/40)

Late night Snack – Casein protein, egg souffle or zero greek yogurt with protein  (250/30). I may well miss this meal, especially if dinner is big (restaurant), in which case I’ll merge the numbers into the Dinner section.

The sequence of the meals later in the day will vary depending on time of the pm workout.

Meals are typically around 2-3 hours apart.

Unlimited water, black coffee, regular/herbal/green tea.  Before the morning workout, I have just black coffee and my RIPPED fat burner.  Also a couple of cans of zero calorie soft drinks per day – no, I don’t have a problem with artificial sweeteners!