Current Training Plan

My training plans haven’t changed much since 2010.  I’ve added a few exercises here and there, and modified a few as for a change, but essentially its the same.  I don’t change it much for pre-contest or pre-photoshoot, the workout routine that created the muscle in the first place is the best for maintaining it.

The workout I devised and used is called the ‘ABC7 Workout System’, as the first three workouts I devised within the plan began A, B and C, and the number 7 kept coming up.  Specifically, there are 7 different workouts (Arms, Back, Chest, Delts, Elevators, High-Intensity Cardio+Abs and Steady-State Cardio+Abs).   And there are also 7 exercises in most of the workouts.

Rob Workshop 02Elevators are legs, by the way, I like the sequence of ABCDE, so legs had to be renamed, just for marketing purposes!

I like to be in the gym around ten times per week – so that’s a double visit Mon-Fri.   Visits are either morning pre-breakfast (post-black coffee and RIPPED) or afternoon/evenings, which can be anytime after about 3pm.  I don’t schedule gym visits at weekends, I do try to do some exercise each day though – usually a 5k Parkrun on Saturday.

The mornings are usually cardio and abs with 40minutes of either High-Intensity Intervals or Steady-State as the Cardio, followed by 10 minutes of abs in my Abs:100 routine, then 5 minutes of stretching.

The second workout (Monday to Friday pm only) is for resistance training.  I cycle bodyparts around Arms, Back, Chest, Delts, Elevators (legs) then back to the start again.

I find this is a pretty heavy workout schedule, and many weeks I don’t achieve all ten visits, but its a good target and I don’t beat myself up if I am a couple of workouts short.

Look at the Workouts tab to see more – each workout is individually described under letters A to E.  And the full ABC7 System is available for sale, including spreadsheets, photos and over 100 videos – click on the ‘Shop’ tab to see more.