Top Three Shoulder Exercises

There are dozens of shoulder exercises out there – but here are my top three – including movements for lateral (side raise), press (overhead press machine) and front raise (barbell). Try these three, remembering to keep good form and feel free to do them with free weights or machine – the form and pace is more important then which you approach you choose.

See the video here.

Full back workout

The back contains many muscles – the latissimus dorsi (lats) are the biggest and broadest middle-back muscles, and  these are accompanied by the trapezius (traps) in the upper back heading towards the neck from below and both sides, and also a range of deeper, smaller muscles.

Here’s a workout I used while in the USA recently.  It uses machines exclusively, and the workout for back typically uses a higher percentage of machine-based exercise compared to free weights.  Its easy to devise pushing exercises with free weights, less so for pulling exercises – the single arm dumbbell-row is a notable exception.

I doubt you’ll have exactly the same machines in your gym (unless it’s the same one I recorded this of course!).  But I am sure there are machines which reproduce the same movement.

Give this a go – once a week is ideal – keep the form good, and see how the numbers improve over time.

See the video here.

My daily abs workout – The Abs:120 – all your abs need in just 5 minutes

I’ve refined my abs workouts over the years, and I’m pretty happy now with the current version. I call it the Abs:120 as it has 120 movements – designed to work separately on the upper and lower abs – plus also combined upper and lower.

It also included the two movements for the obliques (side abs) – twisting and leaning. I do this workout 5 days a week straight after my morning cardio (before breakfast) – it adds just 5 minutes to the cardio session.

Enjoy, please try it and let me know if you like it.

See the video by clicking here.

This was filmed outside at Golds in Venice Beach, but it works just as well indoors at my usual UK gyms.

Amazing vintage leg machines

Two top exercises for legs are leg extensions, and prone hamstring curls – prone, as you are lying face down.  Just about every gym will have machines for these actions.

But nowhere, apart from Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California, have I seen versions of these machines quite as vintage as these.  They are chain-and-cog driven, and have a lovely smooth motion – they are obviously much loved pieces of history, that are kept well-oiled on the chains.

If you go to Gold’s, do have a go on these machines.  Even if it’s not a leg day for you – its a joy to do, and you are using a real piece of fitness heritage. I’ve seen video of Arnold using these exact machines, you can almost feel the history.

Click here.for the video.

Body Composition – more important than your weight?

The people over at Saga know a thing or two about people in the better half of their first century – over 50, in other words.

So when they asked me to talk about body composition for an article they were creating, I was only to happy to help.

If you have ever wondered about body composition, why its important to your health and fitness, and how to influence it – or maybe you think just your overall weight is the key number – then I suggest you read the article.

I hope you enjoy the read and find it both interesting and useful.  To see the article, just click here.

Resolutions, goal setting and achievement of those goals

Creating goals for yourself, and finding ways to achieve them despite some setbacks, is a fundamental step in fitness success.

In the most recent episode of my ‘Fit Happens’ podcast, inspirational coach Matt Lovett discusses this vital topic with me – and Matt’s detailed thoughts, ideas and approach, can help you progress faster than you thought possible.

This podcast was recorded in January, so there are additional references to New Year Resolutions – which, as you’ll find, are of value whatever month it is.

This was originally broadcast live on MarlowFM during my Good Morning Marlow show, with thanks to the station for permission to use this material in a podcast to reach a wider audience.

Hear it wherever you get your podcasts from – search for ‘The Fit Happens Podcast’ – Episode 22 – or alternatively listen on YouTube by clicking here.

How getting fit helped Papa make Christmas!

Happy Christmas from me (Chris) and everyone else here at Fitness Over Fifty Global HQ (umm, that’s just me then!).

I hope all you fantastic quintastics have great fitness plans for the New Year – although it’s very understandable if that’s not top of your mind this particular Christmas season.  To maybe help you get into the fitness mood, here’s a lovely little tale from Germany about how Papa got fit – and how it helped him do just one thing. Imagine all the other benefits he will get as an over-fifty with fitness in his life. If you’re over fifty and would like to see a similar change in your own life, get in touch!

See the video by clicking here.


For Christmas or New Year?

Do you have someone in your life that is over fifty, and is either overweight or under-fit (or both)?  And that person could be you, of course.

I suggest you buy them (or buy for yourself, if it is indeed you) a copy of my new book ‘Fat to Fit at Fifty’.  It describes my own journey from being obese at 50 to being fitter than I have ever been by the age of 60.  As well as my own change, the book gives full details via a multi-stage plan so that you can do the same, and find a new you that it is just waiting to be discovered.

It’s not too late to start, and a good start is reading my book.  New Year?  New You!

You can order the book at most bookshops or its available on Amazon – just search for ‘Chris Zaremba’.  If you get it – for yourself or someone else – and it helps achieve those fitness goals, then let me know – I may feature the story in a future edition!

Join me in a YouTube Live

I’m going to be interviewed on a YouTube Live session tomorrow (Saturday) evening from 7pm (UK time). Ideal for asking me your questions!
Hosted by fitness legend Kelvin ‘Oggie’ Cornish, I’ll be asked questions relating to all aspects of getting from fat to fit at over fifty – including my own journey that led me to 10 physique trophies from 55 onwards, as well as my advice for others joining me in the better half of their first century.
And you can ask your own questions too, and I promise to give honest answers!
Anytime from 7pm on Saturday 30th October on