Fit Club 50

Fit Club 50 is a membership club designed for those aged over 50 who believe that their fitness levels can increase in the years ahead.

If you’re in the target age range, want to increase your fitness levels and/or decrease your fatness levels, and have my belief that your best active years are still ahead of you, then Fit Club 50 is for you!

Membership of Fit Club 50 is £10 per month.  For this you receive:

1. My ‘Fit Happens’ full workout.  This is a workout system for all bodyparts, based on approx 3 gym visits per week for resistance training, plus cardio.

2. The Easy Fitness Nutrition guidebook, to ensure you nutrition supports your fitness goals.  This helps you design your daily nutrition plan, to combine what you should be eating with what you want to eat.

3. Two gym exercise videos per month, selected for the over-50’s, with instruction, form tips and points you should be aware of to do the exercise safely and for the most benefit.

4. Free access to the Fitness Over Fifty library of exercise videos – currently over 150 videos showing exercises for all bodyparts.

5. Monthly newsletter including nutrition tips, fitness advice and a detailed article focussing on a specific aspect of maintaining a fitness-centred lifestyle at our age.

6. Email access to me – ask any fitness-related question, and I’ll be back with the answer.  If I don’t know it, then I’ll find out for you (and also probably include it in the next newsletter, so everyone can benefit).

I call the club members ‘Fantastic Quintastics’, as they all believe that while life may not begin at 50, then it certainly has much more to offer and the second half-century of life is potentially the more exciting one.

Over-50’s fitness is an area that I know I can make a significant difference to people; I’ve done so to others and can to you too – come and join me!

To sign up, go to and scroll to Fit Club 50!