Personal Training by Chris

I qualified as a Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer in 2012.  More recently, I  upgraded my skills by earning my International Diploma in Advanced Personal Training  – shortly after that I obtained my Advanced Certification in Nutrition for Weight Loss and Nutrition for Physical Performance.

Since that time, I have helped dozens of clients (nearly all over 50) towards their fit-up and fat-down goals – none has yet followed me onto the competition stage – but all have made significant progress on their fitness, vitality and health.Personal Training

I am keen to help you achieve your own fitness goals by one-to-one personal training in-gym sessions, by combining skills from both these formal courses with my own experiences that I’ve picked up over the past years of my own fitness transformation.

Here is a video describing my Personal Training approach, including chats with existing clients.

There are four options, see which of these is most appropriate for your situation and goals:

1. One-off personal training session – with detailed instruction and recommendations from me throughout.   This is useful both if you need some pointers or updating to your exercise plan, or if you’ve never done any exercise in your life but realised you should start and want to start on a route that you will be able to follow to success.  Sessions are around 60 minutes long and take place on a one-to-one basis in gyms that I use in South Kensington or Islington in London and near High Wycombe in South Bucks, or by arrangement anywhere else.  Fees are £75 per session inclusive of documentation of results, bodystat measurement, gym access and water.  Bodystat measurement includes fat percentage, fat amount, hydration level, visceral fat level, calorie recommendation, and calculation of your metabolic age.

2. A package of six of the above personal training sessions – £375 paid in advance to include one free – effectively a discount of around 17%.  Includes documentation of the programme tailored for you, regular updating of the programme, and reporting on progress – leading to increased motivation –  via progressively updated spreadsheet information.  Bodystat measurement includes fat percentage, fat amount, hydration level, visceral fat level, calorie recommendation, and calculation of your metabolic age.  All of these factors are tracked across the six sessions showing a real indicator of progress over time.

3. A shared workout with me – join me for one of five workouts – Arms, Back, Chest, Legs or Shoulders.  With each, we’ll find time for some abs too.  You will be doing my workout, my exercises, my sequencing – but with your weights of course!  Alternate sets you + me.  This is intended as a motivational and enjoyable-experience session rather than instruction or traditional personal training, although I will of course make any appropriate suggestions relating to form etc.   Duration is around 60 minutes, plus time for a coffee or food and chat after the workout to discuss your approach and progress. The fee is £50 plus your gym guest access fees as applicable. In Central London, South Bucks or anywhere else by arrangement.

4. If you’d like a full fitness makeover, something bigger than personal training session and that has the power to take fitness to your number one priority and seriously change your life for the better and for good, then take a look at my one-to-one Total Fitness Package.  This is described on the relevant tab above.

Or you prefer the online approach as an alternative to these ideas, take a look at the online PT plans – a separate tab above.

Finally, If you live some way from me (which is London/South Bucks) – and you prefer personal one-to-one training rather than online, you may want to use one of the Fitness Over Fifty Approved Personal Trainers – a countrywide network of Personal Trainers, each of which has been checked out by me and has my own ‘seal of approval’ for training clients of my age group.  The relevant tab above will take you there.

International Diploma in Advanced Personal TrainingAs you may know, increasing my fitness levels and reducing my fatness levels has made a massive difference in my life.

The majority of my body changes took place over two years from age 50 to 52.

I reckon I added 20 years to my life – and lots of enjoyment too – by that two-year investment.

I now want to help you do the same through my personal training service; it will add years to your life, and life to your years!

To order any of the above, please go to

And you don’t have to be over 50 to benefit, honest!