Hoodies are worn only by teenagers – right?

Wrong!  I am a big believer in hoodies as the way forward in outer layers of clothing whatever your age – provided they are the right sort, of course.  By which I mean these exclusive ‘Fitness Over Fifty’ hoodies!

Himalaya Hoody 1Himalaya Hoody 2






They meet the key requirement of keeping you very warm when required – these photos of me were taken on a cold morning 13,000 feet up in the Himalayas, and the hoody kept me very warm – no other outer layer was required.  And unzipped, they work well if its not mountain conditions!  They also have warm pockets, and the full-length zip front makes for much easier on-and-off than those that are over the head.

The final element of class is the ‘Fitness Over Fifty’ logo which confirms you as a fantastic quintastic already, or at least heading that way within the next 40 years or so!

Available in black or grey, and both colours are supplied in small, medium or large.  For me, they work as pre/post-gym, warmups, pub trips and football watching tops. The hoodies totally replace the sweats and old-style fleeces I used to have.

IMG_1472The sizes are suitable for Americans (no other comment required) and are therefore a little on the big side – for example, the large is actually nearer UK extra large, and I wear the small(in black) and the medium (grey), which might help you in thinking size-wise.

Finally, and if you want a further idea for great clothing options, the hoodies make a perfect combination with the Fitness Over Fifty T-shirts and gym tops for the ultimate well-dressed combo – my favourite pairing is a blue Fitness Over Fifty T-shirt with the grey hoody.

Priced at £35 each inclusive of postage and packing – with an extra £5 for delivery outside of the UK.  Contact me on Chris@FitnessOverFifty.co.uk with all the relevant details, and one (or more) will be travelling to you soon!