The ABC7 System

I have two fully-documented workout and training systems that I offer.

For the maximum level of training information, education and a bit of motivation, I suggest you purchase my ABC7 System.  This workout is designed to take you from zero to hero – that’s a well-used phrase, but it it did exactly that for me from my early fifties onwards.

ABC7 requires dedication – a total of 5 weights (resistance training) workouts and 3-5 cardio sessions a week.

There are 260 photos included, and 130 videos from my library of ABC7 exercises.  By the way, you don’t do all the exercises, you choose appropriate ones for you based on the functionality matrix that comes with ABC7.

ABC7 is the system I’ve used since turning 50 and, well, I’m happy with the results – and I have a cupboard full of fitness competition trophies to show that others agree.

I still use it today, I haven’t found anything better for the dedicated person who wants to achieve their best body ever – at whatever age.

If you like the idea of making this level of progress, but haven’t the time, then the shorter Fit Happens System (3 resistance training workouts per week) is for you.  Its a subset of ABC7 with rescheduling and a different emphasis designed to help you towards great results in the absolute minimum of time.

The system is delivered by email and web links or by USB drive delivered by post.  They come complete with documentation, descriptions, schedules and Excel spreadsheets.

It comes with nutritional guidelines and macronutrient calculations which are provided in a separate document, ‘Easy Fitness Nutrition’.  This goes into the calorie calculations and looks at the important variables of food ingredient groups, portion sizes and timing, such that your nutrition matches the quality of your training.

Buying the ABC7 System isn’t a guarantee to success – but using it, adopting sensible nutrition practices described in the system and making fitness a priority in life gives you a good likelihood of success.

Price is £49 for the ABC7 System.  If you order it, I’ll include the Fit Happens System as well at no extra charge.

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