TV Series

I’ve been involved in several series to look at on TV relating to fitness, both making a transformation from being unfit, and also maintaining and improving fitness levels.


  • The documentary about my fat-to-fit transformation tells my story in detail, showing how and why I made my own fitness change, and how I try to help others follow the same path.  My ‘Fat to Fit at Fifty’ story inspired the documentary of the same name.


  • The magazine show, Fit Happens, has now had two series – four episodes in the first series and five in the second. The series are jointly presented by me with nutritionist Keith Cormican, and we have top fitness trainer and group instructor Nicola Fuestel joining us for the second series. In both series, we look at cooking, nutrition, in-gym activity, out-of gym fitness and interviewing some interesting folk in the world of fitness.


  • There are two special editions of Fit Happens, featuring my mentee Dan Wynes and me challenging each other to be the best of our respective generations in fitness modelling contests.  The programmes show all the preparation in both UK and California and include exclusive on-stage footage.


Links to all these programmes are on the tabs on this page.