Introduction Videos

Here are some intro videos to what I do in the fitness world and why I changed my life in order to do it.  I hope you can see how much I both enjoy my activities and how they get me fitter:

I’ve put an introduction to Fitness Over Fifty and my own fitness progress over the past few years in this short Introduction to Fitness Over Fifty. This gives a good four-minute background as to my pre-fitness days, how I got to where I am now. It includes comments from my coach Rob Riches, and describes what I’m now seeking to achieve in myself and others.

Filmed by TV filmmaker Alex Blakemore, this BBC East Midlands film looks at my life plus others in the same over-50 age range looking to bring health and fitness to the fantastic quintastics out there!  There is a useful contrast between the various people and styles of training shown in the ten-minute production..

I am a big fan of fitness for all over 50’s, and believe the fitness industry doesn’t give anything like enough prominence to the needs and abilities of my age group.  I had a platform to give me views on this subject at a presentation at a BodyPower event recently at the NEC, and the organisers kindly made this video about my views and presentation.

This two-minute video uses me an example to other over 50’s to show the joys of Life After Fifty and that you are never too old to learn something new.  The video was produced by Kingdom Creative for Sun Life, and has been used extensively in their marketing to our age group.  My thanks to both for permission to use it here.

Finally as an introduction to me and my views, here are two brief hyperslide summaries of my fitness story, both one minute long, and more personal of my own journey.  These were produced for Facebook and Instagram by two great social media companies – Level Fitness and Be Fit Motivation.  Both companies are superbly professional, and have social followings into 7 figures.  See both hyperslides here: Level Fitness and Be Fit Motivation taken from both of their sites with their permission.