The Small Print

My legal chums want me to put in a few small print things:

Please note that the exercise suggestions, nutrition ideas and other details provided on these pages are for information only, and I’m not responsible for any injuries or other mishaps that occur. You should definitely discuss with your doctor in advance of following any exercise programme if you have any doubts relating to your suitability for the exercises or anything else you read on this site.

The information on this site is owned by Fitness Over Fifty Ltd. and is copyright. Text, photos and documents from the site may be downloaded but used only for the purpose intended.  If uncertain, email and ask first. Any item from the site must not be posted or published elsewhere without specific agreement in writing from the copyright holder – me!

The terms ‘Fitness Over Fifty’, ‘Fit Happens’ and ‘ABC7 Workout System’ have been registered by Fitness Over Fifty Ltd as Trademarks at the UK Intellectual Property Office.  These terms may not be used in the UK or EU outside of the purpose intended.

Sorry to be so boring – if I knew how to load a smaller font, I’d make it very small print!


Chris Zaremba, Fitness Over Fifty Ltd