Fit Happens Season 1

IMG_3153I have produced a four-part TV series on fitness for the Community Channel called ‘Fit Happens’ which was shown in the UK in September 2014, and is repeated occasionally.  Its usually found on the Community Channel on Sky Digital, Freeview and Virgin.

I chose the series name because it rhymes with…

Each episode is hosted jointly by me and sports nutritionist Keith Cormican, and takes a magazine-type format – a bit like Top Gear but on a tiny budget!  The target audience is anyone who is interested in learning more about increasing their fitness levels, reducing their fatness levels, or a bit of both.

CK and foodIn the four shows we cover gym training for various body parts, running, cooking healthy recipes, cycling, aerobics classes, cardio, yoga, stretching and a wide variety of viewers’ questions.

We hope we haven’t missed anything, but there’s only so much we can cram into four shows of 30 minutes each.

As well as the contents shown below, each episode also includes answers to viewers questions and more from me and Keith.  If it’s not on TV at the moment, catch it on my YouTube channel:

Click here for Episode 1 – with running, gym work for back and biceps, and cooking a healthy meat meal

Click here for Episode 2 – with gym cardio, aerobics classes and healthy snacks in the kitchen

Click here for Episode 3 – with yoga, stretching, salmon being cooked and gym work for chest and triceps

Click here for Episode 4 – with cycling, leg training in the gym and preparing a great breakfast