Total Nutrition

My Total Nutrition Pack is designed to help you take your nutrition to the next level in helping achieve your fitness goals.  As you know, for the best results, you need to progress both the training and nutrition fronts.  I’m keen to provide the tools you need to succeed in both aspects!

The Total Nutrition Pack consists of three sections which work together to cover all aspects of your nutrition strategy.

Firstly, there is the collection of recipe books – ‘Fitness Food Over Fifty’: There are five recipe books which have 30 recipes in each – that makes a total of 150 recipes for different times of the day, from breakfasts to main meals to desserts.  All designed to be easy to cook, nutritious and, most important, delicious!

Every recipe is fully illustrated, and has a breakdown into total calories plus the grams of each macronutrient – protein, carbs and fat – plus fibre.

And, if you’re using MyFitnessPal or a similar app to track your daily food, you’ll find that each recipe has a barcode which the app can read directly.

Next, as I know you love eating out as well as cooking at home, there is a food-in-restaurant guide called ‘Eating Out Over Fifty’.  It covers 20 of the main chain restaurants – such as Nando’s, Pizza Express and Burger King.

For each main menu item from all of the restaurants, you get the calories listed plus again the breakdown of those calories into the main constituent macronutrients.  So, you can factor in the important numbers from when you’re eating out just as you could do at home.

Finally, if you’re not quite sure how many calories you should be eating, at what times, and how you divide that into macronutrients, then there is my guide to this area: ‘Easy Fitness Nutrition’.  I wrote this guidebook to help you define your nutrition strategy in terms of the numbers used, and show how you combine these figures to help you in your goals.

This book keeps the explanation as easy as possible, and the maths as simple as I can.  There is also a link to a couple of extra videos to help.

The price is £25 for all three sections, delivered to you as email attachments for viewing on your devices or laptop.  Or on a USB stick sent by post if you prefer.

You can of course print them out and bind them if you want.  I know some people prefer to use a hard-copy book rather than a screen.

And, if you’re a vegan, there is a cut-down version which includes just 30 of the 150 recipes – the vegan-friendly ones.  Everything else in the pack is the same.  And the price is lower too – just £15!

And order the Pack by clicking here.