Exercise Videos – Intro

Here are the links to the videos of all exercises I recommend, divided by bodypart.

Every exercise has a reference number, which begins with a letter containing the targeted bodypart:

A – Arms
B – Back
C – Chest
D – Deltoids (shoulders)
L – Legs
M – Mid-Section (abs)

The second character indicates the type of exercise.  For example, C1 exercises are all press exercises for the upper chest, and C2 exercises are all press exercises for mid chest.

The third character indicates the unique exercise. For example C11 is upper chest press on a Smith Machine, and C12 is upper chest press using a cable machine and single arm.

The fourth character which isn’t always there indicates a second or subsequent view of the same exercise.  Usually filmed at a different location, with slightly different design equipment, but not different enough to have a new exercise number.  So C11 is the initial video for that exercise, C11A is another view, C11B is a subsequent view.  They will be different videos, but all views of exercise C11.   These multiple views help you to understand some of the options available in different gyms.

Finally, note that some videos include more than one exercise.  These are additional to the single exercise videos, and listed at the foot of each relevant page.

I hope that all makes sense, it may seem complex but you’ll get used to it, I promise!  If it’s still confusing after you’ve had a go, drop me an email.

Start by clicking on the relevant letter for the bodypart you’re looking for on the list above.