Total Fitness Package

I am keen both on progressing my own fitness and also helping others – especially those who are now in the same position that I was a few years ago – perhaps in middle age, and beginning to wonder about whether it is time to do something about their fitness levels.

Personal Fitness ConsultancyAs you may know, since turning 50, I’ve pretty much transformed myself from being overweight, pre-diabetic and very unfit into a serious runner, long distance cyclist, sponsored athlete and a contest-winning fitness model.  I’ve learnt a lot from making changes in my own life along the way.

In addition, I am now qualified as Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer and Advanced Personal Trainer and have additional Certification in Advanced Nutrition for both Weight Management and Physical Performance.   I now use this knowledge to help others that are in the same position I was a few years ago.

My Total Fitness Package covers strategies & tactics for:

  • Motivation and Goal-setting
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Dietary Planning
  • Gym & Home-based Exercise
  • Non-Exercise Activity
  • Lifestyle/Stress/Sleep Evaluation

The Total Fitness Package usually consists of three discussion sessions (each around 60 minutes) plus three in-gym training sessions (again, around 60 minutes).   All are done on a one-to-one basis, and typically scheduled in the sequence of Discussion-Gym-Discussion-Gym-Gym-Discussion.   Every session includes bodystat analysis and tracking (bodyfat percent and amount, hydration level, visceral fat level, calorie recommendation and metabolic age calculation).

The charge for the full package is £425, including gym access and water for gym sessions.  You can also email me with questions at any time during the course of the Package.

Total Fitness PackageFurther sessions can take place at the conclusion of the standard six sessions if appropriate.

Gym sessions take place in gyms that I have access to in both Central London and South Bucks, or can be anywhere else by arrangement.

Believe me, I know from personal experience how hard it is to get started in fitness when you have a few years behind you.  I can help you bring you the success you deserve, whatever your age – you don’t really have to be over 50!

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