Here are the various exercises I recommend for a gym-based workout to increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, or some of both.

I have an exercise numbering system which links through to the videos, photos and spreadsheets that come with the two Workout Systems available for purchase – the ABC7 System that I use, or the less intensive Fit Happens System.

The reference numbers begin with a letter:

A – Arms
B – Back
C – Chest
D – Delts (Shoulders)
L – Legs

The above exercises are part of my daily bodypart split approach.  The ones below are timed differently – after cardio, first thing in the morning:

M – Mid-section (Abs)
S – Stretches

For many of the exercises, I recommend alternatives in case certain equipment isn’t available in your gym – or just if you feel like a change.  You can find these alternatives by matching the second character of the exercise – for example, in the Back exercises, B12 or B13 could be used if you prefer this to B11.  But B21 wouldn’t be an alternative.  I hope that’s clear, as always let me know if anything is needs clarification!

All that above assumes you have a gym you can go to.  If you don’t, or you are travelling to a gym-less environment, then take a look at the Without Gym tab, which describes my 20:20 Workout.

Finally, the full ABC7 System and less intensive Fit Happens System can be ordered from here. Each comes complete with photo and video examples of all the recommended exercises, as well as full instructions and spreadsheets for recording your progress, nutrition guide and ongoing support from me.