+ Fit Club 50 Members

Welcome to Fit Club 50!

Many thanks for joining.  I’m the founder of both the club and the Fitness Over Fifty Ltd., and – as you may know – I found the benefits of fitness fairly late on in life, but now am really keen on both my own fitness and helping those of the over 50 age group get the most out of life through enhanced fitness levels.

I totally believe that this will ‘Add Years to Your Life, and Life to Your Years’, and that the second half-century of your life can be even better than the first.  Welcome to you, one of my ‘fantastic quintastics!’

As a member you receive the following:

1. My ‘Fit Happens’ workout system.  A suggested gym routine comprising guidance on weight-training and cardio activity.  You don’t have to follow it, of course, you may already have your own fitness routine well in place.  But if you need some ideas or maybe a refresh to your fitness strategy, then this is a great place to start.

2. My ‘Easy Fitness Nutrition’ document.  Suggestions as to how you should plan your eating and drinking to get the most fitness benefit while still being able to take on board those things you love.  Once again, you may already be happy with your nutrition approach – so if so, maybe this will give just a few new ideas.  But if you need a complete overhaul in this department, this should give you the ideas and approach you need.

3. Monthly newsletter including nutrition tips and fitness advice.  Plus a detailed article focussing on a specific aspect of maintaining a fitness-centred lifestyle at our age.  Also a recipe of the month, nutritious and tasty, taken from my detailed recipe book.

4. Two new gym exercise videos per month, selected for the over-50’s, with instruction, form tips and points you should be aware of to do the exercise safely and for the most benefit.  These are linked from the newsletter.

5. Free access to the Fitness Over Fifty library of exercise videos – currently over 130 videos showing exercises for all bodyparts and how to structure them into a workout.  Click here to see the index page.

6. Email access to me – ask any fitness-related question, and I’ll be back with the answer.  If I don’t know it, then I’ll find out for you (and also probably include it in the next newsletter, so everyone can benefit).  My email is Chris@FitnessOverFifty.co.uk

The first two are attached now, and you are now already enabled for the video library and email access (points 5 and 6 above).  The videos and newsletter should arrive around the middle of each month.

Can I ask a favour? Please don’t distribute any of the materials to others.  It’s all copyright stuff and, after all, you are paying for membership.  I hope that’s OK.

Finally, I want to help you get the best out of your cub membership, and hope that you find it membership both enjoyable and interesting.  Please drop me an email if anything is unclear or I can help in any way – I’m very keen to help.

The more members we have, the better the community grows.  So, taking the opposite view to Brad Pitt, the first rule of Fit Club is you DO talk about Fit Club!


Chris Zaremba