Patrick’s comments

One of my Personal Training clients is Patrick, aged 52 from West London.  He’s taken a break from my personal training at the moment, having achieved his initial set of goals.

Patrick wrote me a very kind note, which he has changed into a reference on me and is happy for me to publish.  I thought I’d share it with you this sunny day, adding more positive vibes to the day!


I came across Chris Zaremba and his ‘Fitness Over Fifty’ Personal Training and Fitness Consultancy Service via the Community Channel on Sky.

He came across as a dedicated, sincere and yet easy going chap who through his own struggles and life experience – overweight and with ill-health in middle age – indeed much like me – yet unlike me had decided to do something about it and turn his life around and in doing so he had through entirely his own efforts and erudite research become not only healthy and fit but Men’s World Fitness Model champion with several British trophies to add.

Seeing his website gave me the confidence to contact him – as despite all the accolades and accomplishments – he came across as just like a great person to meet. Thankfully Chris took me on and in the space of 6 months (including breaks due to the birth of my son and despite an operation I needed) managed to help me lose over 2 stone and in doing so become a fit and active individual that is looking to lose even more.

I started with Chris on the 14/12/13 weighing 15st 4lb with 30.1% body fat – that was a very scary 64 lb of FAT with a BMI of 29.8.  Yet by the 3/6/14 I was down to an amazing 13st 12lb with 23.8 % fat / that’s way down to 46 lb fat with a BMI of 26.8.

I feel very confident with Chris’s excellent help dedication and generous support that I will soon be the weight I was in my early 20’s at around or just under 12st. I very happily recommend Chris’s Personal Training and Fitness Consultancy Service.


Many thanks to Patrick for being so kind as to write these words.  I am very happy to have contributed to his success, which was due much more to him following my advice than me doing anything!