Dumbbell Bicep Curls – New Video and Form Tips

Who loves training biceps? Yes, me too. And in the yard outside Gold’s in front of that wall in the evening is the best place and time to do it. Anywhere on the planet.

Worst thing about Gold’s? I have to go home to the UK at the end of each trip. Best thing? I’m back in two months!

Click here for video

Hope you notice the form – key tips:

(1) Lower Slower – make sure the weight lowers slower than coming up,

(2) Don’t sway backwards and forwards – keep the torso as locked as possible,

(3) Eyes front, not down, to help posture in the shoulder, and

(4) Try to keep the upper arm fixed, ideally only the elbow moves. My flexibility is a bit ropey on that last one, but I’m working on it!

Many thanks to Dan Wynes as my contest prep coach on the trip, doubling as camera guy for this one.