Full upper leg training – without squats or deadlifts

I have slightly rubbish shoulder girdle flexibility, so I avoid traditional back squats.

And a slightly dodgy lower back, too. So I avoid deadlifts.

But I reckon I get just as good a leg workout with a variety of machine and free weight exercises, as seen in this video. OK, there are a couple of squats – Smith Machine and Goblet – but the Smith Machine is much easier on my uncertain shoulders than a free bar. And Goblet Squats keep the shoulders well out of it. Add in Hamstring Curls and Leg Extensions for focusing on Hams and Quads, plus some nice low-back-support Leg Presses, then I’ve got my upper legs covered.

While minimising the risk to my shoulders or lower back.

If you have flexibility or mobility issues in those body areas, but still want a thorough leg workout, try this combination.

See the video by clicking here.