Home workout for the over-50s

Here’s a workout I’ve designed for people over 50 who want to workout at home during the crisis. It features my clients Mike and Yvette, and of course, at this time, I wouldn’t recommend you being this close to someone else during your workout unless you live with them.

The workout features strength exercises for all the major muscle groups, plus core strengthening and some flexibility movements.


It is comprised of:

1. A warm up, being 30 seconds of running on the spot then 30 seconds of jumping jacks

2. Strength exercises: 10 repetitions of each as a single set – adding more repetitions and a second set when comfortable

2.1 Chest – Press-ups or push-ups including kneeling variant

2.2 Upper Legs (1) – Air squats, keeping arms horizontal

2.3 Back – Door pulls, ideally overhand grip

2.4 Calf – Step raises, full range up and down (dorsiflexion and plantaflexion)

2.5 Shoulders – Seated press, down to ear height

2.6 Upper Legs (2) – Raised lunges, 10 each side

2.7 Biceps – Keeping upper arms welded to side torso

2.8 Upper Legs (3) – Bottle squats (or Goblet squats), keeping head up and facing front

3. Core exercises: for abs area as a stabilisation or fixator muscle group – again start from 10 repetitions (or 10 each side) and build up

3.1 Elbow plank – keeping body straight – try 30 seconds and build up to 2 minutes

3.2 Upper abs – curling the chest and upper body towards the knees, low and slow

3.3 Side abs or Obliques – twist as far as possible each side

3.4 Lower abs – bringing the knees and lower body towards the chest

4. Flexibility and balance – hold 20 seconds of each (or each side)

4.1 Quads – best done with backside touching heels

4.2 Hamstrings – keeping knees locked, curl toes towards your head

4.3 Calf – ensure rear leg is locked straight and heel flat on ground

4.4 Upper back and rear deltoid – stretch by maximising range

4.5 Triceps – walk the fingers down the vertebrae to get the best range

4.6 Rotator Cuffs – try to get back of hand (and as much of lower arm as possible) on the ground

I very much hope you are able to keep your fitness levels up during the crisis – and that the above workout helps you to do this.