Home workout for the over-50s

Here’s a workout I’ve designed for people over 50 who want to workout at home during the crisis. It features my clients Mike and Yvette, and of course, at this time, I wouldn’t recommend you being this close to someone else during your workout unless you live with them.

The workout features strength exercises for all the major muscle groups, plus core strengthening and some flexibility movements.


It is comprised of:

1. A warm up, being 30 seconds of running on the spot then 30 seconds of jumping jacks

2. Strength exercises: 10 repetitions of each as a single set – adding more repetitions and a second set when comfortable

2.1 Chest – Press-ups or push-ups including kneeling variant

2.2 Upper Legs (1) – Air squats, keeping arms horizontal

2.3 Back – Door pulls, ideally overhand grip

2.4 Calf – Step raises, full range up and down (dorsiflexion and plantaflexion)

2.5 Shoulders – Seated press, down to ear height

2.6 Upper Legs (2) – Raised lunges, 10 each side

2.7 Biceps – Keeping upper arms welded to side torso

2.8 Upper Legs (3) – Bottle squats (or Goblet squats), keeping head up and facing front

3. Core exercises: for abs area as a stabilisation or fixator muscle group – again start from 10 repetitions (or 10 each side) and build up

3.1 Elbow plank – keeping body straight – try 30 seconds and build up to 2 minutes

3.2 Upper abs – curling the chest and upper body towards the knees, low and slow

3.3 Side abs or Obliques – twist as far as possible each side

3.4 Lower abs – bringing the knees and lower body towards the chest

4. Flexibility and balance – hold 20 seconds of each (or each side)

4.1 Quads – best done with backside touching heels

4.2 Hamstrings – keeping knees locked, curl toes towards your head

4.3 Calf – ensure rear leg is locked straight and heel flat on ground

4.4 Upper back and rear deltoid – stretch by maximising range

4.5 Triceps – walk the fingers down the vertebrae to get the best range

4.6 Rotator Cuffs – try to get back of hand (and as much of lower arm as possible) on the ground

I very much hope you are able to keep your fitness levels up during the crisis – and that the above workout helps you to do this.

Is exercise important to you? Should it be?

I recently produced an article covering why exercise is important for those over 50, the different types of exercise possible, and why each is important in its own way.  I also discussed how to progress within each type, specific exercise approaches for those with mobility issues and ways of finding time for exercise in a busy life.

If those points are of interest to you, take a look at the article by clicking here.

And many thanks to my friends at Prime Fifty Supplements for suggesting and originally publishing the article.

New PT Location – London Oxford Circus

I’m pleased to announce that I will be offering one-to-one PT sessions at a brand new location in Central London from the start of January 2020.  Its just one minute walk from Oxford Circus, and may be more convenient than my other locations at Islington in North London or near High Wycombe in South Bucks.

The new gym (see photos) offers two floors of gym training kit, all equipped with new equipment of the highest quality.

The showers and changing rooms are top quality too, with towels and grooming products provided.  And there’s a healthy-eating cafe on site, for us to agree a pre-session plan and post-workout review.

Fees are exactly the same as at HIgh Wycombe or Islington – that is £75 per session or £375 for a pack of six.

As with the other locations, all inclusive of session performance documentation and full body stat analysis and progress charts.  And as much discussion on your nutrition as you can handle!

Send me an email if you’ve any questions, or read more or make a booking at any of the three locations on my PT website – bitly.com/ChrisPT


Why exercise is essential for those over 50

As you know, I am a big believer in the benefits of exercise for those over 50.  And it makes me feel good when others – especially professionals in fields such as sport, longevity and nutrition – feel the same way about it that I do.

So I was pleased when Neil and the guys at Insure4Sport came for a chat and interviewed me on this; well, it is my favourite subject after all!

They published the article, which includes a video interview with Rob Riches – the guy that got me into fitness – as well as me discussing how important this subject is for my age group.  Or ‘essential’, as the title has it.  Take a look at the article on the link below, and once again many thanks to Neil and his team at Insure4Sport.



Nutritional Therapist – New Podcast

Episode 8 of the Fit Happens podcast is now ready.

In this episode, I am joined in the MarlowFM studio by top nutritional therapist Saffron Rogerson, who gives some tips for everyone on the importance of a balanced, wide-ranging diet and how it directly affects health and fitness. She gives more detailed advice in a few areas, including gut health, dealing with IBS and specific nutrition to help promote fertility. It is a fascinating 30 minutes, I learned a lot from it – and I think you will, too.

Listen to the podcast on YouTube by clicking here.

Injured Athlete?

Have you ever been limited in the sporting or athletic activities you do by being injured?  Now or ever in the past?

Or are you concerned of the effect any injury will have on your future sports participation?

If so, take a look at the new blog set up by my wife, Jenny.  She has been away from her beloved running and triathlons for well over a year now due to injury, and has built up a good knowledge of how to cope – physically and mentally.

Its on http://www.InjuredAthlete.co.uk

And there is a regular blog update that Jenny adds whenever she discovers more on the topic that she believes others would find interesting or helpful.

Its not a sales site – its just giving information, so if injury is something that has or could limit your athletic activities, take a look and pop your email in to subscribe to the blog.

Many thanks!

Chris YouTube Interview

One of the places I give my personal training is PT Workspace in Islington. Nathan Drury-Ellis from PT Workspace interviewed me for their Channel, and now here it is on mine too.

We talk about a range of subjects: my own fat-to-fit conversion, and how I try to convince other over-50s of the benefits of devoting time to fitness. Finally, having been in PT for 10 years and in Marketing for many more decades, I give my thoughts and some tips for newly-qualified Personal Trainers on developing a sustainable and profitable business.

Huge thanks to Nathan. not only for the interview, but also for providing a great gym location for PT’s.  See the interview in full here:  https://youtu.be/fDYYJQ_bj6Q

Have you joined Fit Club 50?

Fit Club 50 is a members’ club which is designed to help motivate and inspire people in the over-50 age range improve their fitness.

The club gives information that you can use to make a positive improvement in your fitness levels (upwards!) and your fatness levels (downwards!), starting from day 1.

The subscription is £10 per month.  To start you off in the right way, you receive the full ‘Fit Happens’ Workout System plus my ‘Easy Fitness Nutrition’ guidebook. These two combine to form the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition you need for long-term fitness success.

Then every month, a newsletter update is emailed to you containing fitness tips and ideas, a detailed article by me, a couple of fitness videos, and a recipe of the month.  Plus access to my video library of every exercise I can think of, and you can ask any fitness question to me and get it answered.

The May 2019 newsletter talks about training with damaged knees, the article for the month is on how important it is to perform exercises properly, and the videos look at a range of leg exercises to complete a full lower-body workout, and the best way to use the cross-trainer to burn bodyfat.  The May recipe is for delicious and healthy Vietnamese Sesame Beef, one of my favourite meals!

Join now, and get the workout, nutrition guidebook and the May newsletter today.  Select Fit Club 50 on http://www.bitly.com/ChrisPT


Announcing the Total Nutrition Pack

My Total Nutrition Pack is designed to help you take your nutrition to the next level in helping achieve your fitness goals.  As you know, for the best results, you need to progress both the training and nutrition fronts.  I’m keen to provide the tools you need to succeed in both aspects!

The Total Nutrition Pack consists of three books which work together to cover all aspects of your nutrition strategy.

Firstly, there is a recipe book: ‘Fitness Food Over Fifty’.  This has 30 recipes for different times of the day, from breakfasts to main meal desserts.  All designed to be easy to cook, nutritious and, most important, delicious!  It’s fully illustrated, and has a breakdown of each recipe into total calories plus the grams of each macronutrient – protein, carbs and fat – plus fibre.

Finally, if you’re using MyFitnessPal or a similar app to track your daily food, you’ll find that each recipe has a barcode which the app can read directly.

Next, as I know you love eating out as well as cooking at home, there is a food-in-restaurant guide called ‘Eating Out Over Fifty’.  It covers a number of the main chain restaurants, such as my two favourites.  For each main menu item from all of the restaurants, you get the calories listed plus again the breakdown of those calories into the main constituent macronutrients.

So, you can factor in the important numbers from when you’re eating out just as you could do at home using the first book.

Finally, if you’re not quite sure how many calories you should be eating, at what times, and how you divide that into macronutrients, then there is my guide to this area: ‘Easy Fitness Nutrition’.  I wrote this guidebook to help you define your nutrition strategy in terms of the numbers used, and show how you combine these figures to help you in your goals.

This book keeps the explanation as easy as possible, and the maths as simple as I can.  There is also a link to a couple of extra videos to help.

The price is £25 for all three books, delivered to you as email attachments for viewing on your devices or laptop. Or on a USB stick sent by post if you prefer. You can of course print them out and bind them if you want.

See more about the Pack by watching the video by clicking here.

And order the Pack by clicking here.

Try this for biceps and forearms in one…

A great biceps exercise is the Cross-Body Hammer Curl, which specifically targets the brachioradialis – along the top edge of the forearm – as well as traditional biceps muscles.

I consider it biceps, you can include it with forearm exercises rather than biceps if you wish, but whichever you prefer, make sure you include it!

Click here.

This is exercise A42 in my exercise numbering system – see the Workouts tab for more.