Suggested gym exercises for the over 50’s






I have a series of videos showing fundamental exercises for the newcomer to gyms in the wonderful over 50 age group.

There is an overall introduction video, then one covering Push group exercises (chest, shoulders and triceps), and one covering Pull group exercises (back, biceps and rear part of shoulders).

All three are designed to be viewed by the total newcomer, although those used to training may also pick up some information.  And perfect for you fantastic quintastics!

They are the top three videos on my video wall – click here.

Fit Happens Season Two – now on YouTube!

Season Two of Fit Happens TV is now ready!

Initial TV transmission in the UK was by the Community Channel, and the full series is now on YouTube.

Season Two is five half-hour episodes similar in format to the episodes 1-4 of Series One, but bigger and better with an extra cast member – joining Keith and Chris on the studio sofas and in fitness locations globally – is top fitness personality Nicola Feustel.

As well as improving the looks of the sofa-sitters massively, Nicola brings massive knowledge and experience from working on her own fitness, individual clients and group training.

13335915_1305647706130178_126772229850818674_nThere are many new features in Season Two – a new logo, more segments, more subjects, more cameras – our first drone footage – and a massive crew of highly-talented media production individuals putting it together.

We have crossfit, boxing, spinning, fun-running, bike testing, group workouts,  a brand-new ultra-cool kitchen with great new recipes, and new workouts and exercises all over the place.  Plus more expert guests from the world of fitness to join the three of us.

Each of the five episodes is in two YouTube videos to save you from the adverts in the middle:

Episode 1 – In this episode, Nicola, Chris and Keith go for a 5k fun run, discuss fitness nutrition,  try out different bikes, stretch the hamstrings and cook a healthy version of chicken and chips!

Episode 2 – In this episode, Nicola, Chris and Keith take a Crossfit class, discuss the benefits of Personal Training, find out about Virtual Fitness, and try training without equipment at home and in the garden – an ideal approach whatever age  and whatever shape you are

Episode 3 – In this edition, the team are up for group outdoor fitness in an Our Parks session headed by Nicola, discuss stress and sleep and their effects on health and fitness, go for their first boxing class and cook some healthy chocolate mousse!

Episode 4 – In this edition, the Fit Happens team of Nicola, Keith and Chris go chest training in the gym, look at body image and the issues associated with it, and find out about the Elementary approach for newcomers to fitness

Episode 5 – In this episode the fitness team attends Nicola’s spinning class, cook some protein pancakes, try an upper body workout in the sunshine at Muscle Beach in Los Angeles, and hit the stage in a fitness modelling contest!

Duathlon Attempt

As you know, I spend a lot of my sports time in the gym.

But I recommend fitness activities outside the gym too, and last week I followed my own advice and took on a duathlon – at the Media Trust Triathlon day.

I made a short video about the pros and cons – take a look at the video here.

Fit Happens Episode 2

The second episode of the new TV series of Fit Happens is now released on video!

In this episode of the new fitness-up and fatness-down TV show, Nicola, Keith and I take a Crossfit class, discuss the benefits of Personal Training, find out about Virtual Fitness, and try training without equipment at home and in the garden – an ideal approach whatever age and whatever shape you are!

Look at it free, in two parts, here:


You’re never too old… Watch this video to prove it!

I was recently asked by SunLife to feature in a video promoting something close to my heart – that life can and should be great after the age of 50, with new experiences and enjoyment around every corner waiting to be discovered.

 I agree massively with Sun Life’s view that ‘You’re never to old to start something new’ and – as you know – the new thing for me was turning my health around with the discovery of the joys and benefits of getting fit.  So here is the video, produced by Kingdom Creative for Sun Life, and my thanks to both for permission to reproduce it here.

New leg training ideas

Here are three leg training machines that are a little different to ones I’ve used elsewhere. Filmed at Watson Gym Equipment stand at BodyPower, and many thanks to them. Here are my thoughts on the relative merits of each.

Check out the video: click here then select the first video on my video wall.

This particular 45° leg press has a feature I’ve not seen before in that the footplates can be joined together as is most common, or can be separated with different resistance on each side. This gives the chance to have differential resistance if one of your legs is weaker than the other. With footplates disconnected you can press both legs in sync or alternating. Using in sync gives you the ability to check if one leg has a greater range of movement then the other (then work on that one). Alternating enables you to put more mental focus in the press on just the one pressing leg. An excellent piece of equipment.

The Leverage Squat Machine is the closest machine I’ve found to reproducing the traditional back squat but adding some safety features, concepts that will enable some people to get far more benefit. For those with shoulder flexibility issues, the positioning of the hands on a part of the machine forward of the body is a big bonus. It’s far enough forward to be non-weight bearing so leg resistance isn’t reduced. And for those a little concerned with balance and stability, this movement gives all the benefits and feel of the back squat without the possibility of tilting or ultimately falling in any direction. As you can’t lean towards one side, any unwanted unequal forces down the spine and posterior chain are removed. Meaning you can go heavier and torture those quads, hams and glutes more!

Finally, the Vertical Press. The position of the lower body here is it’s unique feature. By pressing with the weight exactly vertically, the full resistance of the weight is borne by the legs especially the quads at all times – you are working with 100% of the gravity component. With the weight of the carriage known, the full force of the weight needs to be pressed giving maximum focus with precision on resistance amount with no lateral element. I found it works the legs in a direct way that isn’t fully possible in any other position.

I don’t think your upper leg training should be exclusively on any of these machines / but add them to your leg day mix to discover new and efficient ways of training those pins safely.

Remember to check out the video to see all three machines in action!